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About Us

At SNN, we strongly believe that innovation is what makes us different from others. We are headquartered in Noida, Since its inception in 2017, SNN Plastotrade has continued with its technological advancement in all fields.
The team at SNN has years of experience and is professionally equipped with all technologies. At SNN, we have created our business with an expert range of services in order to offer all our customers a one-stop-shop solution. SNN is looked after by a team of professionals with large-scale development in plastic raw material product-based industries globally. Our team has professionals with considerable years of industry experience in the field of Polymers , Industrial Packaging Machines & Recycling solutions .

At SNN Advance Solution, we offer an entire range of industrial machinery related to the packaging, printing, recycling, and extrusion industry. We take up several projects, mainly consulting projects related to the Plastics recycling industry, like the B2B (Bottle to Bottle). SNN has a global presence for plastic raw materials. These raw materials range from PET Flakes PP/PE recycled flakes to Virgin Plastics, Extruded chips and Food grade recycled PET Chips.We have made a substantial share of import flows in several countries globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all our customers with easy and smooth access to competitive plastic raw materials. Also, we aim to provide manufacturing solutions and end-to-end support during each step of the purchasing process.

Our Vision

At SNN , we look forward to increasing our business ties globally . With our strong international network, we look forward to securing a regular flow of products along with supply commitments to all our clients worldwide.

Business Consulting Services at SNN Plastotrade:

Our team of experts has allowed us to commission food-grade RPET plants in countries like Africa and the Middle East. We have also successfully established trade of food-grade products to countries like North Africa and the European Union.

Business Sectors of SNN Plastotrade:

In addition, we provide all aspects of consultancy services in the field of Plastic recycling. Our services are offered to our customers until the completion of each project. One of the prime focus areas of SNN Plastotrade is offering Consulting services for B2B projects, i.e. bottle to bottle projects.

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Alex Regelman
Co-founder, Colabrio

Nulla metus metus ullamcorper vel tincidunt sed euismod nibh volutpat velit class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora.

Alex Regelman.
Co-founder, Colabrio.
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