Plastic Raw Materials

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PET Clear Flakes

A Space saving equipment,& it is available three dThese are produced from Mineral Water & Soft drinks bottles. These bottles pass through multiple sorting and hot wash in-order to convert into high quality Clear Flakes.ifferent models which can store from 24,32 up to 40 rollers.

PET Clear Light Blue Mix

These are produced from Mineral water and soft drinks bottles. This is a combination in a proportion of 70/30. We can customize the mixture as per order request.

PET Flakes Light Blue

PET Light blue flakes is produced from Light blue bottles mainly from Mineral water, soft drinks bottles. Light blue bottles get segregated and process through hot wash.

PET Green Flakes

PET Green flakes is produced from Green PET Bottles mainly from CSD /soft drinks bottles. It is passed through hot wash system.

PET Misc Flakes

These variety of hot wash flakes are produced from various bottles other than Mineral water and Soft drinks bottles.

PET Lumps

PET Lumps mainly from Virgin PET , Rejection from process waste.

Filament Waste

Fiber & Filament waste are regularly available. Suitable for Recycled fiber application.

PET Amorphous Chips

Recycled PET Food grade Amorphous Chips are produced from High quality PET Flakes.

RPET Food Grade Chips

Recycled Food grade SSP chips with all necessary EU and US approvals are produced from high quality PET Flakes.

HD Chips

Recycled HDPE Chips are available for Injection , blow moulding applications.

LDPE Chips

Recycled LDPE Chips are produced from Films from Post Industrial and consumer